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Dick Sciaroni: Let’s start with the facts

Every citizen is entitled to air his or her opinion, whether on so-called chem-trails or President Obama’s handling of the ISIS situation. But in doing so, one should stick to the facts. Otherwise, one fails to convince those of us who value fact above polemic.

A recent example of such polemicist thinking was a letter in The Union decrying President Obama’s views toward ISIS. While conceding that Christians had engaged in murder in the name of religion, the writer claimed the Crusades occurred “thousands of years ago …” In point of fact, the Crusades occurred “hundreds” of years ago. More recently, Christians gleefully burned, beheaded, eviscerated and hanged people during the Reformation, while missionaries encouraged genocide against native peoples. Even more recently, Christians engaged in a Holocaust against Jews in the 1940s, while a mere score of years ago Christian priests encouraged the slaughter of innocents in Rwanda, and Serb Christians killed Muslims in the Balkans.

Our fight with ISIS is not about religion. ISIS is not a religious organization, but a bunch of terrorists, nothing more and nothing less. To cast our confrontation with such thugs in religious terms is shortsighted and without substantive factual basis.

Dick Sciaroni

Grass Valley

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