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Dick Phillips: Time to privatize the US Postal Service?

The United States Post Office is a white elephant the taxpayer should no longer subsidize.

It has been losing $5 billion a year for many years. Last year, it lost $5.51 billion.

No private enterprise could sustain losses like that.

Years ago, the USPS sold off its package delivery service because they said “it was losing money.” Now they are back in the package delivery business trying to compete with the efficient and profitable Fed-Ex and UPS.

People are communicating more and more via electronic media. That means fewer and fewer letters to deliver. Yet the USPS continues to “deliver” mail six days a week. Now, who needs to get mail more than two or three days a week? If a business wants more frequent deliveries, let them pay for it.

America once had a famous mail delivery service called the “Pony Express.” It only lasted 19 months.

It was put out of business by a then new-fangled electronic device called the telegraph. Now, the Pony Express was a private enterprise and not supported by taxpayer money. Ergo, it went bankrupt.

Perhaps that’s where the USPS needs to go.

And they should definitely stop talking about buying 180,000 new mail delivery vehicles — vehicles that will probably cost the U.S. taxpayers $80 to $100 billion.

The USPS needs to heed the old maxim: “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.”

And Congress needs to prioritize the mail delivery service. Now.

Dick Phillips

Grass Valley

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