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Dick Denman: America ‘speaks with forked tongue’

The White House cites a number of things that Iran has done that violate “the spirit of the deal.” Of course they did. The agreement was not about the spirit of the deal. That’s not the way international agreements (or Trump’s business deals for that matter) work.

All other signatories to the Iran deal agree that comprehensive, verifiable inspections prove Iran is abiding by the letter of nuclear agreement. That Iran’s leaders trusted the U.S. to keep its word exposes their naiveté.

The United States broke every one of the 500 treaties signed with Native Americans. And now has broken the agreement with Iran. No surprises here. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un certainly knows enough history to understand the phrase, “White man speak with forked tongue.” The Trump administration is only keeping faith with U.S. history.

Dick Denman

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