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Dianne Marshall: An open letter to my senators

Here we are at a moment in time that will be recorded in the history books. How are you doing? Are you OK?

As I watched the impeachment process unfold, I wondered what your personal core values are and how you commit yourself to not forgetting them as you face the challenges of public service.

Do you find yourself having to weigh party loyalty against your core values? Do you think the voters who put you into office value party loyalty over values? At the end of the day, the voters are the people who will or will not reelect you, not the party or the president.

As a voter, I want you to act as a senator as you would regardless of political party. I want you to endorse conduct and procedures that protect our democracy and our Constitution over and beyond any one person or party in office. Thank you for your public service.

May your conduct on the Senate floor, and as you vote, place you on the courageous side of history.

Dianne Marshall

Grass Valley

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