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Dianna Suarez: NID board meeting for our water future

NID board meeting for our water future

On Sept. 3, I witnessed a shameful fiasco and example of local authoritarian rule, orchestrated by a loud, aggressive, and dismissive woman throttling the voices of those most adversely affected by Nevada Irrigation District’s ill-conceived decisions.

The so called “workshop” was unresponsive to the voices of the public and demonstrated a total lack of good faith effort.

After thoughtful and articulate public comment the old, outdated “Mission Statement” for the District was simply parroted back for approval by Directors Wilcox, Miller, and Bierwagen showing a stern reluctance toward change, as well as a concerning lack of interest, creativity, imagination, and understanding of water relationships, modern day issues and complexities.

The meeting format was restrictive, rushed, and coercive. The process degenerated into a confused and confusing effort by the three directors to keep things the same as the District falls further behind the innovative technologies currently in use statewide. The lone director who has actually written strategic plans was isolated at the end of the table and ignored.

It was a pitiful spectacle of ego and ignorance run riot. The next meeting is at 6 p.m. Sept. 17 at the NID office.

Dianna Suarez


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