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Diane Pendola: The light within us

“Evil is incomprehensible,

But so is good” — Raimon Panikkar, “Mysticism and Spirituality”

When I read these words of Raimon Panikkar I felt moved to tears. Immediately my mind was seeing the images from the mass shooting in Las Vegas. The TV news had been talking incessantly about the shooter, trying to find a reason for why he had opened fire on thousands of people at an open air concert. He had no criminal record, no mental illness, no fanatical affiliations. Why? Perhaps there is no why. Perhaps evil cannot be penetrated by our desire to understand it.

But simultaneously my mind also went to loved ones shielding a friend, child, lover, or spouse with their own bodies. My mind went to people who ran back into the exploding gun-fire to carry wounded strangers away from harm in their own arms and on their own shoulders. Evil may be incomprehensible but so is this spontaneous and self-forgetting goodness, this love that transcends fear and the immediacy of death.

It is this love that moves me. And as I speak with others it is this love that moves us — this kindness, this incomprehensible light hidden in the human heart, that reveals itself in such moments of crisis. We are facing many crises, many difficulties, even here in our own community and our own personal lives. But I am confident that this light within us will guide us. It has so far. Though it may be incomprehensible to our minds, our hearts seem to know how to follow.

Diane Pendola


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