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Diana Garbin: Vote Miller for District 3 Nevada County Supervisor

The District 3 supervisor election will soon be here. I am urging voters to cast their vote for Dan Miller. He has the proven leadership capabilities to supervise this district.

His experience and thoughtful consideration on issues facing our district has a proven track record of considering all sides of an issue and finding the best solution that is in the best interest of Nevada County.

When I read Hilary Hodge’s suggestion to allow family members to live in RVs on family owned property, I thought, what an unacceptable idea. The term RV means “recreational vehicle” and not meant for permanent housing. Her idea of tiny houses put on properties leaves me to wonder why people have land in the first place? Isn’t it about having privacy and being surrounded by nature? If we wanted to be surrounded by tiny houses, we would move to the city. Affordable housing is an issue throughout California, but her suggestions have no merit.

Ms. Hodge claims she is the future of Nevada County, really? What is the benefit to Nevada County when she receives campaign funds from the Stonewall Democrats Club of Sacramento and Generation Change, also of Sacramento? Just wondering why organizations outside of our county care about any political race here?

Nevada County is doing just fine in keeping with common sense solutions and values. Please vote for Dan Miller for District 3 Supervisor.

Diana Garbin

Nevada City

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