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Diana Garbin: Accident waiting to happen

I’m pleased that Nevada City is looking for options to increase parking, however, the recent repainting and design on Coyote Street is a design debacle.

The parallel parking on one side was left unchanged, however, on the other side of the street, perpendicular parking lines were drawn and the double solid line down the middle of the street was adjusted off center of the original street. Someone needs a better measuring tape.

Recently, I drove down the street and an oversized truck was parked perpendicular. On the opposite side of the street was a car parked parallel. I approached the area with caution, as another car was approaching the opposite way. There is no way two cars are able to pass safely when a large truck is parked parallel. I had to veer across the double line to avoid hitting the back end of the truck and the approaching car had to wait until I was able to come back into my lane, pass the vehicle so that he/she could proceed.

In addition, if drivers of the cars parked parallel, had to open their driver door to get into or exit their vehicle, the car in that lane would have to cross the double line to avoid hitting the opened car door. There is no safe space in that instance.

Solution? Well perhaps some of the perpendicular spots in the narrow portion could be identified as compact spots only; repaint the parking spaces to come in at an angle; or eliminate the parallel parking spots altogether.

The area is an accident waiting to happen.

Diana Garbin

Nevada City

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