Devastation done to our forests |

Devastation done to our forests

IF PG&E and the county are supposed to be clearing “county maintained roads,” then why in the “h___” are they clear cutting Casci Road and Casci Court?

County maintained roads receive snow plow assistance, asphalt or gravel work, trimming brush and “maintaining” the roads … I have been a part-time resident up there for five years, and I have never once seen a county plow or road repair crew on our roads. We pay our road taxes, but the only thing we get is PG&E threatening to cut off our power if we don’t cooperate with allowing them to cut down 100-plus year-old trees. Why are our roads not “county maintained?”

We bought in Nevada County, Tahoe National Forest, because of the large trees, not for the electric. Wouldn’t the county’s money be way better spent, forcing PG&E to install underground power-lines, and once-and-for-all stop this yearly expense to the state and to the county? Look up and down Highway 20 — why didn’t they start clearing down the mountain, why come all the way to the top, where there is less population that in the town? Not sure why our county and city officials are allowing this … but this is a travesty.

Go take a drive, just look at the entrance of Casci Road at Highway 20 … what a mess. And the trucks have left holes large enough to drown in. I don’t understand county/city/state employees, are you not looking at what is going on, or are you just making rules, and not going out to see the devastation these people are doing to our forests?

Judi White

Nevada City

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