Desiree Carrington: My vote’s for Smethers |

Desiree Carrington: My vote’s for Smethers

Contrary to a Facebook post, Shannan Moon is not the only candidate who has “worked (boots on the ground)” or “Supervised as a Sergeant” or “Managed as a Lieutenant.” All deputies “worked (boots on the ground)” and candidate Bill Smethers has “supervised as a sergeant” and “managed as a lieutenant.” Bill Smethers has worked as a Reserve Police Officer, Police Officer, Correctional Officer, Patrol Deputy, Patrol Sergeant, Training Corporal, Marine Patrol Deputy, Dive Team, Swift Water Rescue, Detective, Detective Sergeant, Training Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant, Investigations Lieutenant, and Executive Lieutenant resulting in experience and expertise in virtually every aspect of the Sheriff’s Department.

In fact, only candidate Bill Smethers has received endorsements from his peers, subordinates, supervisors, and colleagues from law enforcement and emergency service agencies:

Nevada County Deputy Sheriffs Association

Nevada County Correctional Officers Association

Local Firefighters 3800

Sheriff Royal

Nine Sheriffs in Northern California

Nevada County Sheriffs retired Command and Line Staff

These endorsements reflect the respect, trust, confidence and admiration Bill Smethers has earned throughout his continuing 25 years of law enforcement in Nevada County. These are attributes of a leader, in addition to Bill’s numerous qualifications and accomplishments. Vote for Bill Smethers for Sheriff.

Desiree Carrington

Grass Valley

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