Denis Kutch: Statement in support of Reinette Senum |

Denis Kutch: Statement in support of Reinette Senum

There’s an old adage that the turtle only makes progress when it sticks its neck out. Occasionally, councilmembers come along who fulfill that adage. With a “fire in their belly,” they place City before self!

The late Lynn Bramkamp was one such councilman in Nevada City in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Lynn championed numerous projects, the fruits of which we enjoy to this day. Along the way, Lynn did step on some toes. But the City usually came out the better thanks to him.

Reinette Senum is cut from that same cloth! As both an architect and in City roles, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her, working with her, and watching her evolve for over 40 years. Yes, there were times we disagreed, but ultimately we reached consensus. Having appeared before and worked with many councils in my career, Rein ranks as one of the best councilmembers I’ve experienced.

Nevada City is rightfully proud of its history. But, the decisions made today become the history of tomorrow. I urge you to reelect Reinette Senum to continue helping shape that future!

Denis Kutch

Past member and chair of the Nevada City Planning Commission

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