Denes McIntosh: Crippling ideology divides community |

Denes McIntosh: Crippling ideology divides community

It sickens me how so many have a need to label others as liberal or conservative, right wing or left wing, perpetuating the revulsion of one side for the other.

It is not an intelligent perspective; it is not conducive to any kind of personal dignity, and it does not advance the position of any of us as brothers and sisters, neighbors, and fellow travelers on this planet. It only divides. It only separates. It only tears down, and tears away from the good of the whole. If truth be told, we all have some liberal in us, and we all have some conservative. That we are afraid to recognize in ourselves the side we wish not to be known as, and only recognize in others the side that we wish to demean says even more about our own inadequacy than it does about our ideology.

Can we stop blaming others for our own unhappiness, and begin to find some common ground for agreement for a change? It seems as if there is no honest dialogue anymore because there is no longer a wish for common ground. There is only the need to be right; and it has proven to be devastating to the psyche of our families, our communities, and our country.

When is the last time you heard someone say, “Y’know, you may be right?”

When is the last time you said those words to someone else?

Denes McIntosh

Grass Valley

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