Deborah Wilder: In need of a longer discussion |

Deborah Wilder: In need of a longer discussion

I want to respond to Mr. Orlik’s question (Feb. 19, The Union) about how I would pay for fire safety.

First, the CERT program will cost almost nothing. T3-CERT Instructors are volunteers. Classes are frequently taught in churches or community rooms. What will cost, is the time for the County to register people for class and keeping track of volunteers once they graduate (easily done through Code Red). It makes sense to coordinate the training with the 49 Safety Wise Communities we have.

As for clearing more vegetation, the first place to look is in the general fund. For example, how much did Challenge Coins cost the County in staff time, design and production? If we are in crisis, we do not need to be spending money on creating “coins” to hand out to people for recognition.

The County planning session for three days was held at the Foothill Events center and included three breakfasts and two lunches for everyone. Honestly? What was wrong with the Supervisors chambers, and why are we feeding everyone? I bet there are more items in the budget I can find before I have to consider increasing sales tax. This needs a longer discussion. I am willing to listen.

Deborah Wilder, who lives in Grass Valley, is a candidate for Nevada County Supervisor, District 1.

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