Debora Totoonchie: In support of the NID Centennial Reservoir project |

Debora Totoonchie: In support of the NID Centennial Reservoir project

Our warming climate trend proves that we need to store more water, mid elevation in the foothills. We have a less reliable snow pack at higher elevations in our Sierra.

We haven’t been able to take best advantage of storms when they arrive, which leaves us vulnerable to the next dry year.

Nevada County farmers and ranchers need a consistent water supply to produce locally grown and sustainable food supplies. Sure we could always import from Third World producers, but here in Nevada County it’s been proven that we want safe locally produced food. We prefer to support farmers and ranchers we know personally. They are our neighbors, they work hard all year to bring us fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, honey and eggs.

By ensuring we have reliable water for agricultural purposes, the Centennial Project will enhance Nevada County’s agricultural legacy and support the region’s growing population.

Additionally, I am in favor of plans for a new local recreation area including campgrounds and a bike and jogging trail around the designated low wake lake. This will allow for safer swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing and fishing. And a recreation area for trail racing and triathlons. I am in support of the NID Centennial Reservoir project in Nevada County.

Debora Totoonchie, manager

Nevada County Farm Bureau

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