Debbie Gibbs: Please reuse those plastic bottles |

Debbie Gibbs: Please reuse those plastic bottles

Do you have a tinge of guilt these days when you put a single use plastic shampoo bottle in the recycle bin? Will it really be recycled and transformed to a useful product?

Or will it join the 90% of plastic that ends up elsewhere, like in landfills or the ocean?

There is a terrific option at a new shop in Nevada City — Gaia Soap Supply. They took over the space left by S.O.A.P. that offered similar services. Just bring in your own container, and they will fill it up with one of their delightful, earth-friendly personal care or household cleaning products. Our serious plastic pollution problem demands that purchasers and businesses reuse and repurpose plastic.

So hooray, thank you Gaia Soap Supply for your wonderful shop and your customers who care about curbing the plastic catastrophe one bottle at a time.

Debbie Gibbs

Nevada City

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