Dean Olson: Warehousing children |

Dean Olson: Warehousing children

Trump’s administration is still doing it. Warehousing children, of all ages. It’s hitting all over the news how a border patrol detention facility in Clint, Texas, meant to detain grown men, has been found to be warehousing infants to young teens, 350 of them, with no care or attention provided for them (making children as young as 10 to care for 2 year olds, feeding them the same instant meals each day, not providing contact with their families or relatives here in the United States, and breaking every law imaginable, besides the court order that demanded the Trump Administration stop this. They haven’t.

Whoever owns these places is charging $750 per child per day. No beds, no infirmary, no care givers, just guards overloaded with kids they don’t know what to do with. Trump’s administration has created this crisis, and now looking for additional space, are seeking to open up World War II Japanese internment camps! To make their point, they are intentionally doing this to vulnerable children, against all laws, daring Congress to do something about it. Is this the kind of government you want?

Dean Olson

Nevada City

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