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David Whitehead: Avoiding the “pain” of climate change

Mark Wilson’s recent article suggests that action on climate change will happen when the effects become “Personal, Abrupt, Immoral, and Now (PAIN).” Climate risks appear to rely upon the “eye of the beholder” these days, even though our previous leaders from both parties had accepted that they were dangerous risks many years ago.

Did you know that the Nevada City’s City Council took action last week? Your elected officials decided to voice the community’s concerns directly to Congress and the White House by passing a resolution endorsing and supporting HR763, The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Yes!

When passed and signed into law, this legislation will make high-carbon content products more expensive with a gradually increasing fee. That money will be sent back to every American household in the form of a monthly dividend check. Lower income America will benefit the most.

Here is why the Nevada City City Council supports HR763:

Tremendously effective (90% reduction in emissions by 2050);

good for public health (saves 295,000 lives in 10 years);

good for the economy (creates 2.1 million jobs in 10 years);

deploys private capital and American innovation to advance clean energy technologies; includes a border adjustment tariff which eliminates incentive to move manufacturing overseas, and encourages all nations to price carbon; avoids any further regulation on covered emissions.

This policy tool is a proven way to stop the escalating emissions causing the climate disasters that are currently predicted. The smart play is to avoid the “PAIN.”

David Whitehead

Grass Valley

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