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David Simonetti: Voting no to tax increases

In recent letters to the editor, some people argue that Measure D is needed to get funding for school repairs. The problem with that is we just passed a measure for schools that did not need to pass because we already pay the highest taxes in the nation.

We also have money from the lottery that is supposed to go to schools; so where does all that money go?

Those who wrote against the measure make good points that the taxes we already pay should go towards fixing the school. The property taxes we have been paying for decades could have been used for school repairs all along without raising taxes on an already overtaxed state. Even worse, the news reported a few days ago that by the year 2022 Social Security may decrease by 23 percent, making it even harder for seniors already collecting benefits. The same can be said about Measure E.

A letter by Ed Thomas states that it would be disastrous if it did not pass, which is not true. We pay so many different taxes and with more people in California we should have more money than any other state. Recently a new gas tax was added on and higher car registration fees so we really do not need more taxes when money is already tight. It seems that our previous superintendent does not realize that not everybody makes as much money as she does.

Thanks to Obama, I was forced to take Social Security early and have huge medical bills in the thousands so the last thing I need is more taxes. I will vote no on any tax increases.

David Simonetti

Grass Valley


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