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David Simonetti: I’m voting ‘yes’ on the recall

In recent weeks we have seen the ads on TV with Sen. Elizabeth Warren pushing for a “no” vote on the recall. She is in Massachusetts and does not live in California, so why is she so worried about the recall? She should move to California and pay our extremely high taxes.

In a recent letter, JoAnne McIntire thinks that Republicans are misleading Californians about high taxes. No, that is not a big lie. In fact we all know that we pay the highest taxes on gas in the nation, along with higher sales tax than most states. We also pay one of the highest car registration fees in the nation.

Last year and this year, I paid almost $450 each year to register a vehicle. Even my older vehicle has cost more each year to register when it should be cheaper as the vehicle gets older.

I will vote “yes” just to hopefully get someone in the state Capitol who will keep taxes in check. We are No. 1 in the nation when it comes to high taxes even if we do not pay the highest state taxes.

Nancy Eubanks worries that a Republican governor would cut taxes and it would affect schools, fire costs and so on. Has it ever occurred to her that the billions of tax dollars wasted on the bullet train could have gone to roads, schools and fires?

It was Jerry Brown who wanted the train to begin with, not Arnold. We could cut taxes and still have more than enough money left over. While Gavin Newsom has done well with his tiered system, for awhile he and Jerry Brown caused our taxes to skyrocket, forcing a lot of people leaving this state for greener pastures. Every election has tax increases on the ballot. Most other states get the job done better and with lower taxes.

David Simonetti

Grass Valley

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