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David Heinen: Trump gives away the store, again

Mr. “Art of the Deal” proved for the third time, on an international scale, that he is really Mr. “Art of the Schmuck.”

First, he defaults on the Iran deal. Iran, by agreeing to the deal’s terms, received billions in sequestered funds, but now, since Trump’s default, is free to regenerate its nuclear aspirations, and yet has the money! Win, win, Iran!

Second, he gives Israel what it wants — the American embassy placed in contested Jerusalem, without a single ask, such as restraint on settlements in contested lands, a practice that impedes any hope of peace. Win, win, Israel!

Finally, he gave North Korea the main prize — a one-on-one with a U.S. president. North Korea has sought this for decades, and with it world stage legitimacy. Previous presidents have held back this plum as the final reward, dependent on North Korea’s verified denuclearization. And Trump gave it away at the git go, and even more — a reduction in war exercises with South Korea, Kim gave a smile and a handshake. Win, win, North Korea!

Sad …

David Heinen

North San Juan

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