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David Burns: Big Brother in our waste bins

For too long, I have witnessed the failings of a nationwide company misnamed Waste Management. They left off a necessary prefix. It should read, Waste Mis-management.

There is no doubt that too many of us misuse their services and too many use no waste disposal at all, as we all witness by trash along our roads — including those irritating piles of free stuff, which no one wants, even thrift stores will not take, and should be properly disposed of.

Most irritating is the implication by Waste Mis-management that we, the regular paying users of their services, are somehow completely inept in the proper use of a garbage can or recycling bin. If they are going to the trouble and expense to put extensive cameras on their trucks and sending warning letters to each customer, that would imply that they can rather easily catch those (few, I suspect) who misuse their services.

Why not just go to those abusers and take care of that specific problem?

Waste Mis-management has their eyes set in an Orwellian focus and is targeting every one of us in a “1984” manner. Really guys? Why not do something about the few and stop implying that those of us, the greater percentage, who have sent you hundreds, nay, thousands of dollars over the years, might actually be intending to continue using your service in a proper manner.

In the county to our south there is a waste manageing company that does all the sorting for all of their customers and that, to me, is true waste management. That company does not demand adherence to a confusing set of rules.

I predict that instead of making our community cleaner, the exact opposite will transpire, as people may completely give up on the Big Brother aspect of Waste Mis-management and simply start tossing waste by the side of the road.

I want to be wrong, but I find it amazing that they feel a need to target everybody rather than to simply go to the places where there is a problem and stop implying that they are going to photograph my garbage on a weekly basis.

Can we photograph your late arrival, your trucks tipping over collection bins and not stopping to clean up the mess, your traffic interruption, and even your inept handing of bags with your supplied stickers on them left where you ask us to leave them?

Do you mind if we do that? If you want to play that game, you will lose. Why not simply pick up the bins we pay to have picked up and like the rest of us, make up for occasional mistakes and bad happenings. It’s called life.

David Burns

Rough and Ready

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