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David Briceno: Why Russia wanted Trump

Liberals should quit suspecting the 2016 Trump campaign of colluding with the Russians. Trump is right: There was “no collusion.”

Russian “patriots” (that’s Putin’s term) waged a secret cyberwar against Clinton without Trump’s direct knowledge and without any of his campaign people’s knowledge. They had no mutual involvement with the Russians. Russia meddled in our election, as everyone knows now, but didn’t conspire with the Trump campaign team to insure his victory at the polls at the time.

So then, why did the Russians meddle in our election and want Trump to win?

The Russians are smart. They knew that Trump would make an incompetent president. The Russians wanted Trump as their man so he could eventually destroy America for them as POTUS — without them having to lift even a single finger.

President Trump is fulfilling Russia’s long-held, ultimate goal of defeating the U.S.; he’s succeeding beyond their wildest expectations through disastrous decision making. By secretly helping to install an inept, apathetic and ignorant American president, Russia can boast that they now have the upper hand.

Putin is very fortunate to get Trump who is contributing to America’s demise — with or without any collusion in the past or the present.

David Briceno

Grass Valley

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