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Dave Koslosky: How dare we

You guys are absolutely correct! How dare I feel concerned about the kids and elderly in our neighborhood.

Or about the deteriorating condition of our street. Or that my and my neighbors’ property value may tank. Or that just because no communication took place during the planning stage, we should trust when any problems start, to just call and we can talk about it.

Or about convalescent facilities which already have issues with food being stolen from patient trays by homeless people. Or that we will be able to buy cheap junk at locations that provide a few minimum wage jobs and whose profits are not kept in the local community.

The meeting that took place was the result of a concerned neighbor, not the proposed tenant. We felt as if our faces had been slapped not only by the applicants for hiding the process from us, but by our local government agencies by not being transparent throughout this fiasco.

And now we have an arrogant editorial board (“This community is all our backyard,” The Union, March 23) talking down to us like we are children. How dare we!

Dave Koslosky

Grass Valley

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