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Darla Draper: The importance of play

Thank you, Izzy Tooinsky, for your delightful and affirming column published in The Union on June 15.

Truer words have not been spoken!

Since 1974, I have been playing with children. I moved to Grass Valley 32 years ago, and was fortunate enough to land the physical education specialist position at Pleasant Valley School in 1988. Teaching children to play has been my life’s calling. I did that job for 10 years until the school board decided to cut specialists due to budgetary concerns. The next 22 years were spent in a first grade classroom at Williams Ranch. Teaching children to play was still my mission. We played all sorts of games intended for learning just about everything. Of course, P.E. was their favorite subject, even trumping recess! My hats off to Tim Grebe and Superintendent Dr. Torie England for finally bringing back a P.E. specialist to PVUESD.

Upon my retirement, it is nice to know “playing” has again become a vital ingredient to a balanced curriculum, and to a well-lived life.

Darla Draper

Grass Valley

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