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Danita Sorenson: ‘A New Brain’ a must-see

‘A New Brain’ a must-see

Kudos to Sierra Stages producers, musicians and cast for having the courage to take on and surmount the challenges of “A New Brain.”

If you go — and you’ll regret it if you don’t — prepare to be gobsmacked, exhausted, and exhilarated, all in one hour and 20 minutes!

My only regret? Only until Saturday to get back and see it again!

Danita Sorenson

Nevada City

Clarification of my homeless article

No way in my article of Feb. 22 did I disparage veterans. My brother, my son and myself are veterans.

I was implying that veterans might bring order to the chaos of a homeless environment.

At the time of the “Relocation” of the Japanese Americans at the start of World War II, we didn’t “give” them the barracks, what we gave them was a trainload of misery. My grandfather was a fire chief in one of the camps and only had fine things to say about his friends there.

I had a copy of the camp newspaper he had sent us and a couple years ago. I sent it up to where they were putting together a museum on the site of the camp. I think it was Provo, Utah.

Malen “Jim” Jacobs

Nevada County

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