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Dan Gentile: About the Grand Jury selection process

Every year the Grand Jury runs ads in The Union asking for volunteers interested in joining.

Following this, the individuals who apply are invited to the courthouse for an interview and the amount of time required is explained — usually two meetings a week on different days. At this point applicants have an option to drop out, if their schedules do not allow for this time commitment.

From here, the names of all the applicants that remain are put into a hopper and the judge draws them out and swears them in immediately.

It is true that most of the volunteers are retired or self employed as it would be difficult for most workers to get the needed time off. I know for a fact that one year we had a tile setter on the jury — but he was self employed.

I hope the above information helps any uninformed individuals understand how the Grand Jury is selected.

Dan Gentile

Penn Valley

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