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Dan Brown: Citing sources

Sam Corey, in his highly critical article about Brad Dacus and his Pacific Justice Institute’s opposition to California’s sex education curriculum, continually cites reports and press releases from the Southern Law Poverty Law Center to discredit Mr. Dacus and the Institute.

I know nothing about Mr. Dacus or the Institute, but citing the Southern Law Poverty Law Center as an authority on anything is like citing the captain of the Titanic as an authority on navigation.

Currently the Southern Law Poverty Law Center is embroiled in scandals threatening its existence. Its founder and president recently were forced to step down amidst staff allegations of racism, sexism, favoritism, abusive working conditions and it being a highly profitable scam. Twitter dropped the Center from its “Safety Partners List.” Investigations and lawsuits are ongoing.

The Law Center did not return Mr. Corey’s phone call for good reason. It’s sinking faster than the Titanic.

Dan Brown

Grass Valley

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