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Dan Brown: A parade of advertisements

A parade of advertisements

The Fourth of July parade was a disappointment. The parade was mostly an advertising caravan of cars, vans, off road vehicles, trucks; not a celebration of patriotism.

Patriotism may be the last refuge of scoundrels but it is more than mobile ads for RE/MAX listings and Eskaton’s Alzheimer unit.

I have two under-budget suggestions for next year’s parade. The first is North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. He rents out thousands of his people for hard currency and shook hands with our president. Think of 3,000 Koreans goose stepping in perfect unison to John Philip Sousa marches. Forget the policy of not dealing with North Korea. The Koreans can come in through the southern border like everyone else.

The other suggestion is more modest — several large trucks with huge video screens showing a traditional parade.

If you can’t have a proper parade, don’t have one.

The advertising caravan makes a mockery of the Fourth.

(I am a Grass Valley resident and an attorney and real estate broker).

Dan Brown

Grass Valley

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