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Dan Bartlett: On California’s income tax rates

Let me get this straight: we are in the top five highest taxed states in our union … and recently approved higher income tax rates … and an additional 12 cent per gallon gas tax … and continued attempts to repeal Prop 13.

Recent local sales tax initiatives that promise to fix the roads, hire public safety people, but then go into the general fund which some funds are diverted to the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) programs … and to fund other future local tax increase initiatives (see Measure K sales tax, Yuba County, being fought by its opponents).

All state “General Tax” initiatives presently require a two-thirds “yes” vote of the people and even in progressive California would have a problem passing. However if it’s called a “Special Tax” it will require only 55% plus one of the vote to pass.

So when you read (The Union, Thursday, March 28, page A5) that our Democratic State Assembly wants to lower the threshold to raise state taxes to 55% … get ready to pull out your checkbook.

Almost all tax initiatives begin with the words “temporary, public safety, road repair, clean water, parks, affordable housing and other public projects (think Bullet Train, water tunnels to So Cal and CalPERS).”

These are not tax the rich programs; they hurt homeowners and the less fortunate.

Dan Bartlett

Penn Valley

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