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Dan Bartlett: Not my mother’s Democratic Party

My mother supported and followed the Democratic Party through the Depression, World War II and on through the Clinton years. Based on our conversations late in her life, she would not support the current direction of most of the liberal/progressive candidates for president in 2020.

Let’s review what I believe would be her objections: open borders, abolish ICE, free health care for all and illegals, illegals can vote, 16 year olds can vote, inmates and felons can vote, free college tuition for all, reparations (at the altar of Reverend Al), late and post birth abortions (60% of victims are people of color), New Green Deal (OMG), guarantee $12K base income for all, take our guns, China can continue to steal our IP, China can continue to benefit from a $500 billion trade surplus per year at U.S. expense, NATO allies can resume not paying their share for defense, get taxes back up where they belong, get the GDP back down to less than 2%, get the unemployment rate back up, teaching socialist ideals K-12, to conservative students on campus — ”shut up … your opinions are not welcome,” opioids are not a real problem, boys competing as girls in girl sports and legalize marijuana nationally.

Dems … please take a close look at the current direction of your party. It’s moving too far left.

Dan Bartlett

Penn Valley

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