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Dan Bartlett: Continue making America great again

Continue making America great again

Regarding Terry Lamphier’s Trump rant on the opinion page in The Union, I have a difficult time understanding why an anti-Trump socialist must call all conservatives “unsophisticated, uneducated, unhappy malcontents, deplorables, etc.”

Now I have to send another check to the re-elect Trump campaign. Thank you for not throwing in the usual “racist, racist, racist/Russia, Russia, Russia” comments.

We sent Trump to D.C. to start cleaning the swamp and low and behold Joe and Hunter Biden jump in front of the cross-hair. This cronyism/family enrichment has been “standard practice” within both major parties for too long. I ask you to tune off MSNBC/CNN for just 30 minutes per day and tune into Fox News to get another opinion.

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Your neo-socialist presidential hopefuls cannot “out-left” each other. Their platforms play well on the coasts, but most of the uneducated voters in fly overs states reject taking our guns, open borders, reparations, late- and post-term abortions, nationalizing health care, green new deal, raising our taxes, abolishing ICE, China stealing our intellectual property, boys competing as girls in sporting events, free college tuition for all, 16- year olds can vote — must I continue?

Now that the sheets are being pulled off of the Paris Climate Accord, we find it is largely a redistribution of treasure from wealthy countries to less fortunate countries, hence less than one-third of the countries signed on to all the articles. The U.S. is the shining star of the world economic community. Phase I of the China deal and USMCA should continue to grow the world economy … thank you, Mr. President.

Mr. Lamphier, please take a close look at your candidates and if you have any reservations about them, come on over to we “unsophisticated, uneducated, unhappy malcontents” and help us continue making America great again.

Dan Bartlett

Penn Valley

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