Cynthia King: Denney for a better, safer future |

Cynthia King: Denney for a better, safer future

As a new Nevada County resident, over this past weekend I watched the recorded Graeagle debate between Doug LaMalfa and Audrey Denney to learn more about the candidates for U.S. Congress vying for my vote on Nov. 6.

I was disappointed to hear incumbent Doug LaMalfa dismiss climate change as a non-issue. To willfully ignore scientific knowledge about our precious California climate is irresponsible at best and dangerous at worst. Given the predicted impacts of climate change in our region, including more frequent and severe wildfires, droughts, and extreme heat, we deserve a representative who understands our current predicament and can mobilize support for responsible action.

In her two-minute response to the climate change question, Audrey Denney convinced me that she gets it, including the essential role that farmers and ranchers will play in stabilizing our climate, as stewards of the soil. I believe she’s ready to lead us to a better, safer future and I’m grateful for her willingness to serve.

I encourage readers to watch the debate for themselves so that they can make an informed decision in November.

Cynthia King

Grass Valley

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