Cynthia Hren: Embrace those who embrace us |

Cynthia Hren: Embrace those who embrace us

This is in reply to the Other Voices that challenged my “Families Belong Together” July 11 Other Voices. That author’s crowd estimate was incorrect, but the only number that matters is 100 percent.

That’s the number of people on both sides of the June 30 rally who agree illegal immigrant families should not be separated.

We also agree our immigration system needs reform.

Where we differ is the need to adequately secure our borders, accurately vet the migrants entering our country and accountably follow immigration laws. Our country cannot take in all the world’s oppressed people. Let’s face the huge issues of caring for our own veterans and homeless first.

Crossing harsh desert frontiers isn’t safe for families. They’re subject to dangers from natural and criminal elements. Migrants need to enter at designated check points to keep both immigrants and American citizens safe. Coming illegally with a child shouldn’t be an automatic entry ticket. MS-13 has used children for entry.

A secure border wall is the best way to funnel these migrants to safe entry points. We need to know who is coming here and verify they don’t undermine our society. Our future depends upon embracing those who embrace us.

Cynthia Hren

Nevada City

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