Cyndi Baker: Keep cyclists safe |

Cyndi Baker: Keep cyclists safe

Keep cyclists safe

My son, Axel Baker, is a seventh grader at Seven Hills. We live by Pioneer Park. Axel commutes by bike to reduce the amount of automobile traffic at the school. Sometimes his ride is terrifying. He wanted to share this with the community:

“Today, on my bike ride home from school, I felt like I was invisible. On Zion Street, I was cut off by someone pulling out of their driveway. On Searls Avenue, I was passed by a car with about two feet of space (they didn’t even try to go into the other lane with no oncoming traffic). Again, on Clay Street, I was passed by a car that had no intent of respecting my space while passing. I believe that cars should respect cyclists’ space.”

Axel’s cousin was killed on her bicycle last July. She was struck by a car from behind. Jasmine was a bicycling advocate and someone Axel deeply admired. Now he has to deal with this scary experience daily.

Please neighbors, look twice, and make Nevada City a place where we give bikes plenty of room.

Cyndi Baker

Nevada City

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