Cydne Grimsby: Thanks to Liz Kellar for wake-up call on fire safety |

Cydne Grimsby: Thanks to Liz Kellar for wake-up call on fire safety

Thank you, Liz Kellar, for your powerful article in The Union today. I needed to read this as I too have felt (falsely) insulated from the ravages of fire which annually assaults areas around our beautiful Grass Valley town.

My husband and I live in a senior manufactured home community just off Highway 49. Our home is way in the back, very quiet and on the side of a tree and shrub-covered ravine.

I know my sense of safety and security could change any day, any time … and yet until now I have chosen to ignore the risk, maintaining a sincere empathy for those who’s luck has changed … but figuring mine won’t!

Your article hit home, Big Time! Today, I am sorting through important papers and making a list of valued items in each room … with the goal of having it organized in such a way that should we ever need to evacuate with no time to spare, we can grab our most essential stuff and get out of harms way, fast!

Thank you for your willingness to share so openly and honestly your recent horrific experience, and know that it is having a positive influence in our life.

I’m so glad you and your family are safe. Please keep writing to help wake us up!

Cydne Grimsby

Grass Valley

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