Cyd Rochford: The fear of the unleashed dog |

Cyd Rochford: The fear of the unleashed dog

Thank you to Sue Clark, who addressed a critical issue in our county in her Other Voices column.

It has been awhile since I’ve addressed this same subject; however, it is reoccurring far too often yet again, so I will attempt once more.

As a longtime volunteer at Sammie’s Friends, every Saturday I take a dog (usually a pit bull mix) from the shelter for an outing to give them an opportunity to have some fresh air, exercise, and “be a dog” for an afternoon. I, and other volunteers, are running out of safe places to walk with our leashed dog buddies since many folks in our community walk the public trails with their unleashed dogs — when asked if they could please leash their dogs for the safety of all, the replies vary — but almost always with wrath.

I was recently asked by one person if leashing one’s dog on a public trail was “the law;” I would direct that inquiry to law enforcement for a response.

What I do know is that if we pride ourselves on being a caring community, then can we be considerate enough for the safety and enjoyment of all to please leash your dogs on public trails and spaces in this county?

The Sammie’s Friends dogs and volunteers will be very grateful.

Cyd Rochford

Grass Valley

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