Craig Marquad: ‘Miller Time’ is up |

Craig Marquad: ‘Miller Time’ is up

I went to the League of Women Voter’s candidate debate for District 3 supervisor. I was torn between an incumbent with vast experience and a younger, more innovative candidate.

After listening to the two candidates, the choice became clear. I am supporting Hilary Hodge.

Dan Miller spent a lot of time talking about how much respect he has for all of his constituents — even those who disagree with him, but listening to the condescending manner and tone he used to address his opponent was off-putting to say the least and even drew hisses from the audience at one point. Miller Time is up!

What I heard repeatedly from Miller was how difficult it was to get anything done, how budget constraints made innovation impossible, how we had to except extremely slow incremental change.

What I heard from Hodge was how to use new technology to create good-paying jobs and low-income housing so our young people can afford to remain in the county. She understands the needs of the next generation. The difference is between looking forward or looking back. By the way, I am a senior male.

Craig Marquard

Nevada City

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