Craig Fiels: Postpone 5G ordinance in Nevada City |

Craig Fiels: Postpone 5G ordinance in Nevada City

On Wednesday, Sept. 25, dozens of community members attended the Nevada City Council hearing to give public testimony in opposition to the new telecommunications ordinance that would allow the deployment of advanced 5G wireless technologies in our community.

Although numerous scientific studies were cited that validated their concerns of the dangers posed by 5G wireless technologies to human health and the environment, the Council ignored the public testimony and voted to approve the ordinance.

To Mayor Senum’s credit she asked that the public be given more time to review and provide input on the ordinance. However, I find Councilor Strawser’s comments disconcerting. At the meeting he said, “Ninety-nine percent of you out there are sincerely passionate, and I appreciate that, but to some of the others that have choreographed misstatements — shame on you.”

Strawser’s comments seem indifferent to the dangers posed by 5G to our health and safety. Nevertheless, the U.S. National Institute of Health has stated that there is clear evidence of an increased risk of cancer from exposure to wireless radiation. No misstatements there.

For our safety, the Council should postpone the adoption of the ordinance until the public is satisfied with its final draft.

Craig Fiels

Nevada City

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