Corey Caldwell: Sammie’s Friends a treasure |

Corey Caldwell: Sammie’s Friends a treasure

First of all, let me say, I love Nevada County. After years of moving to different states and towns, I’ve always come back to Nevada County. Now, I’m a longtime resident.

OK, what I want to know is who are these so called “county officials” who have decided to dismantle Sammie’s Friends? Sammie’s is a community treasure and part of who we are as a community whose residents and businesses reach out and help each other.

I’ll bet that 80 percent of the people I’ve met have been helped by Sammie’s Friends. The other 20 percent have volunteered there! Do the so-called “officials” realize that some people are not going to want to go to Auburn (Placer County Animal Shelter), resulting in more strays and over population of unwanted puppies and kittens? Not to mention the medical help for pets whose owners can’t afford life-saving operations? My mother, retired assistant administrator for Placer County Animal Control would tell me about overcrowding, understaffing, etc.

We need to pull together as a community and hang onto this treasure that is Sammie’s Friends, as well as the caring staff and volunteers.

Animals can’t speak for themselves, but I’ve got a message for the so-called “officials:” I’m watching and I vote!

Corey Caldwell

Penn Valley

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