Constance Holtz: An open letter to the Roamin’ Angels |

Constance Holtz: An open letter to the Roamin’ Angels

Dear Roamin’ Angels,

I accompanied my daughter, who took your ‘Survive the Drive’ course this year. I cannot thank you enough for organizing and putting on this wonderful course to help keep our local kids safe.

This program — or one similar — should be conducted statewide and be mandatory for all new drivers. Locals to this area all know how deadly Highway 49 has become. I have had way too many close calls due to distracted drivers but as I am a defensive driver who remains aware of my surroundings, those potential crashes were avoided.

I have been driving for 43 years and still found the information provided very educational and a great refresher.

I especially liked the Blind Spot demonstration, driving impaired and driving and texting piece of particular interest. Initially I was very concerned about my white car as my daughter killed many orange cones during those sections of the course, but it brought to her an awareness that all my talking/nagging would never have been able to achieve. The information provided will help save lives and I hope keep her safe for years to come.

I cannot thank you enough.

My daughter just received her driver’s License. I mentioned how fantastic your course was to my insurance provider, “State Farm- Auburn.” They were also very interested in the course and the great volunteer service you are providing to our community. I directed them your web page in case they wanted more information. My daughter even received a good driver discount because she took this course, so it was a multiple win for us. You truly are “Angels” to me.

Thank you, again.

Constance Holtz

Nevada County

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