Consider who we are voting for and what they support |

Consider who we are voting for and what they support

The new slavery or hegemony is defined as the authority or control by one political group over society or one nation over others. With the passing of the Fourth of July weekend, it seems appropriate to consider whether slavery has ever disappeared. Although it is not why we celebrate the Fourth, but a relevant question to be pondered.

Some will say that it is confined to the descendants of black slaves; others will contend that the influx of illegal aliens defines the new slavery. My contention is that we are all suffering from the new slavery. Whether it be lack of jobs or lack of benefits in the few remaining low paying jobs, our families are paying the price. We have been more or less forced to take unemployment, food stamps and various other government hand-outs. So, we are now the slaves of the government, and it has turned into a multi-generational problem.

Just the other day I read where there is a movement to supply high grade marijuana to poor and indigent people. Why? To keep them forever down in the gutter, jobless but stoned? And whose fault is this? It must be the capitalists — the banks — the Tea Party. But wait a minute … who makes the laws that allows this hegemony to exist?

It’s both of our political parties — the ones who consider themselves to be the elite. You know, our leaders that don’t participate in Social Security or in our new healthcare system. Come this November, we need to seriously consider who we are voting for and what they support. My contention is that if you’re not a part of the system, you don’t really care about fixing it.

Barbara Samardich

Nevada City

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