Conni Barker: Walk a mile in my moccasins |

Conni Barker: Walk a mile in my moccasins

It is terribly interesting that two people who do not live in Lake Wildwood have written letters to The Union criticizing our board’s decision to seek a depredation permit from the USDA to remove many of the geese which inhabit our lake.

Have these authors ever had to lead their children through the goose droppings in our parks?

One has claimed that the geese were here before we were. Not so. These are resident, not migratory, geese. They only live here because our lake was created in the late 1960s.

The data from the monitoring program created by a highly respected microbiologist on our Lake Committee and the Goose Patrol volunteers show that the geese visiting a park is directly correlated with the E-Coli readings a day or a few days later going up. Whether the geese are or are not the source of E-Coli, they are certainly a carrier.

As the old Indian saying goes, “walk a mile in my moccasins” before you criticize.

Conni Barker

Penn Valley

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