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Congress not interested in addressing problems

Thanks to Chris Kane for the July 16 column on voter disillusionment. I’ve never missed an election since 1952, but lately I feel like quitting.

Our senators and representatives display increasing hostility to us, their fellow citizens (except the wealthy ones). They show increasing incompetence at governing our country. Then they raise their own salaries every year.

There are many good ideas about how we might address the major problems the country faces, but Congress isn’t interested in any of them. They’re interested in their money and their reelection.

I propose a two-year furlough without pay for the entire Congress. The country would be better off without them, and we’d save more billions than by cutting the hungry off from food stamps.

Locally, we have candidates buying full-page attack ads against their opponents. No ballot measure is without parts they hope you won’t notice. I’m fed up.

If you want people to vote, give them something real to vote for.

Patricia Black

Nevada City


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