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Claire Palmerino: Moving away from division

Claire Palmerino

We face dire challenges in almost every sector of our lives — climate change, societal violence, war, pollution, wealth disparity, homelessness, and abuse of power. How do we evolve toward a better world?

Our current winner/loser mentality divides us into tribalistic camps. We characterize those in the opposite camp as ignorant, stupid or deserving of our disdain. Each group lives in a different reality shaped by the news sites they follow.

Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Egoic individualism has brought us to this crisis point. When we realize we are one humanity occupying separate bodies, that we all trace our very being to the same Source, we rise to a new level of consciousness that ushers in solutions to create a world that works for all. It’s not about winning — it’s about all rising together.

Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center is an excellent resource for awakening to the Reality of our connectedness. We can shake off the cultural conditioning that programs us to see one another as separate and ourselves as only limited human beings. Visit http://www.unitygold.us for information about events/classes that can transform your consciousness.

Claire Palmerino

Grass Valley


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