Christopher Reilly: Support your neighbor’s ability to be Firewise |

Christopher Reilly: Support your neighbor’s ability to be Firewise

The Greater Alta Sierra Firewise Community is the largest Firewise community in Nevada County. If you’ve ever driven in Alta Sierra, you’re likely aware of our many winding and connected roadways which includes both private and county-maintained roads.

Recently, Greater Alta Sierra has been sharing info through The Union’s editorial pages about how we are working to improve awareness of the need to abate hazardous vegetation along key evacuation routes.

In addition to going door-to-door to share info about defensible space requirements for both roadsides and structures/homes, we are also working with Alta Sierra’s Neighborhood Watch program to identify elderly and handicapped residents who may require evacuation assistance in the event of an emergency. These residents along with low-income residents may also need assistance abating hazardous vegetation conditions on their property.

Accordingly, we encourage community members to “adopt a neighbor” and help them to both be better prepared to evacuate and to create and maintain defensible space along roadways and around homes.

Christopher Reilly

Grass Valley

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