Christine Parks: McCourtney transfer station needs to be reevaluated |

Christine Parks: McCourtney transfer station needs to be reevaluated

Wait for a month to recycle your cans and plastic bottles. I was trapped in line for over two and a half hours on June 10.

According to an employee at the McCourtney transfer station, many people had not sorted their recycles until they got there. The “employees aren’t allowed to touch the items to help,” although there was a sign indicating that if you need help, tell the fellow in the booth if you have a handicapped sticker, which I have. I didn’t see a person in the booth.

Many people were taking forever to sort plastics from aluminum cans, which was taking a long time. Once I got in line on McCourtney, I was trapped. The garbage line was faster to my left, but I was trapped between the grass and the garbage trucks with dump type things. There was everything from old wood, carpet, lawn chairs, and who knows what else on my left in the trucks.

Finally, after only about five cars ahead of me to the recycle line (and not a movement in an hour), I attempted to move ahead. Then another customer came up to my car and announced that I had cut in line in front of him (I wasn’t able to get out for an appointment I had at 11 a.m.). I hadn’t meant to cut in line, but the signage was horribly unclear.

I finally just left, frustrated. I still have all of my sorted recyclables separated in plastic bags in my car. Apparently Wednesday was the first day it had opened for the week. The employee said people have been waiting with their trash and recyclables for three months because of the pandemic. What a mess.

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The facility needs to be re-evaluated and better organized. And another rule about sorted recyclables needs to be introduced. I won’t go out there until another month at least.

Christine Parks

Grass Valley

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