Chris Mills: Long lines at the dump |

Chris Mills: Long lines at the dump

The McCourtney Road dump is operated by Waste Management, Inc. It seems they have lowered the cost of disposing of wood and yard waste; but the limited space available for dumping allows only about four trucks to dump at a time, making wait times ridiculously long.

I waited two hours there yesterday, and was told there have been lines extending a mile down McCourtney Road. Waste Management is a for-profit corporation and not necessarily accountable to the local community. There is so much fuel reduction going on now, the system is overwhelmed. People have to give up half their day to do one dump run.

Is there a way to compel WM to adopt a more user-friendly program? The material is being trucked away too slowly, so the huge pile leaves too little room for vehicles dumping, and the long wait times surely reduce the amount of fuel reduction that gets done.

Waste Management could do a better job of supporting fire safety in Nevada County.

Chris Mills


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