Chris Kysar: Vote Reinette Senum for Nevada City Council |

Chris Kysar: Vote Reinette Senum for Nevada City Council

Unfortunately, politicians today are more interested in protecting their party or are consistently sticking their finger into the wind to “discover” their latest commitment. This leaderless-governing manifests stagnant and self-serving government decisions.

Reinette Senum (Nevada City mayor) is a representative who seeks and speaks her truth. Her intention and efforts are focused on what she believes are best for her community. Because she doesn’t shy away from controversy, she contributes to the conversation, often at her own political peril.

Our elected officials are not elected to be the best at “go along to get along,” they are elected to make those hard decisions, and guide the direction and resources that better our community. Reinette is just such a person.

Chris Kysar

Nevada City

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