Chris Kane: Mail delivery issues |

Chris Kane: Mail delivery issues

Nevada City isn’t alone in having mail delivery issues.

I recently received an anonymous letter enclosing my new health insurance card which read as follows: “Sorry. I opened this by mistake. I get stuff from AARP as well. However, the real story here is not that some neighbor opened your mail. I’m not your neighbor. I live off of Hughes Road in Grass Valley. The real story is how in the world I got your mail when you live all the way down in Alta Sierra? Obviously our postal service is slipping (or maybe someone’s smoking too much of the local product). I’m mailing this to you myself because just returning it to the post office might result in your not getting your membership card at all.”

I wonder if the USPS has determined that delivering Amazon packages and junk mail takes priority over the correct delivery of first class mail.

Chris Kane

Alta Sierra

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