Cheryl Pirtle: Thanks for the ‘Our View’ |

Cheryl Pirtle: Thanks for the ‘Our View’

I’m writing to thank you for your thoughtful and spot-on “Our View” piece about the current animal shelter controversy. It’s refreshing to see our local newspaper call for accountability in local government.

This is an emotional issue, but in light of the fantastic job Sammie’s Friends has done for this County in the years it’s run the shelter, the proposal to award our public dollars to another county just doesn’t make sense.

When Sammie’s Friends was awarded the contract, Nevada County went from being just another county with a shameful high-kill shelter to having a model shelter renowned for its success and innovative programs. The County has gotten more than its money’s worth with Sammie’s due to thousands of volunteer hours annually and injections of additional funds from the Sammie’s Friends thrift shop.

It’s clear the community is proud of what Sammie’s has accomplished and supports keeping what has worked so well. The stand you’ve taken may help the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to see the need to involve the public in this important decision. It’s time for them to listen.

Cheryl Pirtle

Penn Valley

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